It begins.

Hey guys.

So… I decided to do this blog thing. We’ll see how it goes. No promises, ok?

How about I tell you a little about myself, to start? Once we know a little about each other, I will share all of my things with you. Then we can be BFFs and do each others’ hair and nails and have pillow fights and wrestle naked in pudding and stuff…

Hm? OH! Me.

My name is Maribel. Hey. I started SL in 2007, with a different avatar. There is a really long story about why I no longer use that avatar, and I won’t bore you with the gory details. I will assure you, though, that it was not due to drama or anything that I or anyone else did wrong. It’s just one of those complicated SL emotional thingies.

I’m me, I always am. SL is sort of my escape from RL stress. I take my relationships very seriously. I do not take MYSELF very seriously. I love to have fun, I love to laugh, and I love to gesturebate. You might love me or hate me… either way is cool with me. I’ll just keep on doing my thing.

I love to SHOP. I take photos. I have a lot of fun with these things. I hope you have fun sharing adventures with me!

Hair: [e] (Elikatira)- Over
Skin: Aura- Helena
Shirt: Vneck.Tee
Lashes: Pink Acid- Exotic Top Alpha Eyelashes
Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Hope Song
Glasses: :F: (Filthy)- from THE Teacher outfit



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