Mesh & Lace…

Oh, [elikatira], Your hairs will soon bankrupt me. Same to you and your gorgeous creations, {mon tissu} and [celoe]. But it’s ok, I like the wallet abuse. You know you’re worth it.

I really Have about 10 [elikatira] hair demos just chillin in my inventory for the day they will go perfectly with an outfit and I can go purchase them. Fun fact: on my original av, back in like… 2008-2009 I wore mostly ETD hairs (same creator, old brand). She has always been amazing.

So yeah, I am in love.

Top: Mon Tissu @ Mayfair
Jeans: Maitreya
Shoes: Celoe @ Mayfair
Hair: [elikatira]
Skin: Glam Affair
Eyes: IKON
Lashes: Pink Acid
Poses: Frozen Panty Poses
Photo Location: The Playground

Oh, and tell me you got the song reference?


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