500L Avatar Challenge!

Hey everyone! I was bored the other day and I gave myself a 500L budget to pretty up an alt account I had created (she was still a noob). I had SO MUCH FUN running around, looking for freebies and dollarbies and cheapies… that I decided I wanted to see what YOU could do, too!

May I present to you te 500L Avatar Challenge:

The rules are pretty simple:

All items aside from shape MUST be purchased, freebies, currently available hunt items, lucky chair items you won DURING the challenge period… basically, ask yourself- if you were a noob with no designer friends and no design talents of your own and no blog, could you get this item at the same price? If you are a blogger and you use something you got as a review copy, that’s fine as long as you list the full price of the item.

List items, store names, and prices in photo description (or link to blog post where they are listed) or photo will not be considered for prizes.

You may enter as many photos as you’d like into the Flickr group, but only 4 per day.

On August 1, I will post my top 5 favorite photos on my blog and take votes. The top 3 winners will be announced August 8th!

I STRONGLY SUGGEST scouring the freebie blogs. Simply Google, “second life freebie blog,” and you’ll find a gazillion.

If you have any questions regarding the challenge or the rules or… whatever, feel free to leave a comment below or IM me inworld (Maribel Button).

I hope you guys have as much fun as I did!

Wanna see the one I made? I was trying to make her look super different from my main.

Shape: self-made
Hair: Clawtooth- Bardot  (188L at Collabor88)
Skin: Mother Goose- Cookie (1L at SGB Summer Festa 2012)
Top: *Kiedis*- Tube top (1L at SGB Summer Festa 2012)
Jeans: fri.day- designer jeans, cuffed (50L)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Unisex Hushpuppies Tweet (20L at SGB Summer Festa 2012)
Headband: ur.favorite.one- party in your badroom (88L at Collabor 88)
Lashes: Cheap Makeup- Babysitter’s club Lashes (0L, group gift)


I got closer to 500L after grabbing some AO animations from Oracul. They have phenominal animations at insane prices, so you can really stock up. I grabbed a dollarbie run and dance at Akeyo, as well.



  1. Hi, this sounds like such fun! Do we have to make an all new avi or is it okay to fully “undress” an existing one for the photo shoot/style card?

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