Come Closer

First off, I realize that this look is almost identical to yesterday’s look. I’m ok with that. Something I do in SL too much is wear things for a blog post then get something else new and something else new and I forget to go back to the things in my wardrobe that I really love. I end up with an inventory full of beautiful things I’ve only worn once.

Secondly, this is less of a, “Hey look what I have,” post and more of a sharing post. I like this photo. I like this look. I am feeling a certain way today and I just want to share it with you. Below this photo, I am going to link a spoken word poem. This poem is quoted in my profile inworld. It makes me cry on occasion. It makes me smile. I want to share it and this photo with you. If this is not your thing, you don’t like poetry, you don’t like sharing, you’re not a feely, mooshy person.. then take comfort in knowing I am not switching to doing this all of the time. I’m just in a mood today. Indulge me.

All items in this post are credited elsewhere, except the pose. The pose is from flowey. Photo was taken at The Pixel Bean. Also, I know that horizontal photos don’t show up as nicely in this blog format, so if you click the image you can see it larger on Flickr.

Have a great day!


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