Lilith by Glam Affair

So, I already have a post scheduled for today, but I can’t NOT show you this skin. I am absolutely floored and  HONORED that I was given this preview. As you may have guessed by my constant wearing of them, Glam Affair skins are my favorite. They are so well made, so beautifully done, and they are just right for the look I try to achieve for my avatar. I know that everyone has their favorite skin brands. GA is mine, for sure. All that being said, I have been stuck on Giselle for months now. I just LOVE everything about her. I have tried Mia and Cassiopea and Roza, and they have all been very beautiful but I have not been able to let go of Giselle. Until now.

Lilith, the new release from Glam Affair is… ridiculous. I am SO EXCITED. It is just gorgeous. Because I suck at words, let me show you.

The tones- Arctic, Europa, America, Jamaica, India, & Africa (click to view larger)

The makeups-

SO! Keep your eye out for the release and go try it on! I can’t wait to see everyone in this lovely new skin!!

Hair: Elikatira- Away
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard- Ultimate Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones- Mesh Lashes
Skin: Glam Affair- Lilith NEW!
Shape: Mine
Poses: Marukin (top) & Don’t Freak Out! (bottom)


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