Happy Birthday, Truth Hawks!

While there are many, many talented hair creators in Second Life, few are as prolific or well known as Truth Hawks of Truth Hair. It’s hard to go anywhere in SL without seeing one of his fabulous styles adorning the head of a pixel prince or princess.

Today happens to be Mr. Hawks’ birthday and the lovely and also very talented Kaelyn Alecto has been working hard on a project to honor Truth’s work and hopefully make him feel loved on his special day. I had the privilege of participating and having my portrait taken wearing one of Truth’s beautiful styles, called Lykie.

Altogether, Kaelyn compiled over 130 portraits. If you’d like to browse through them, you can check out her Flickr photostream.

Truth Hair has been part of my Second Life experience for years. I remember the first time I tp’d to his store, thinking “Woah, I barely even know where to start!” I have spent hours in his store demoing hair after hair, and I am sure I’ve spent more L than I’d like to be aware of.

Truth is not only talented, but he’s a really nice guy. He stopped by The Grounds (home of the Pixel Bean) one day and of course I fangirled and came over to gawk. He was more than nice and didn’t even seem to be bothered by my giggling and stuttering. He even goofed with a few of us and of course we all took photos to commemorate the occasion.

Truth, thank you. Thank you for your creativity, your creations, and being cool even though you’re uber SLamous. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

❤ Merbs



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