The Costume Ball

There is a really cool event starting tomorrow (October 24) that I MUST tell you about!

Halloween is fast approaching, and The Costume Ball, presented by The Ego Co. is the place to be to find dark, lovely, and fun items for your goulish and masquerade fancies. And I do mean fancy. Costume Ball is high class ghoulism.


The event runs from 24th of October to the 1st of November and includes designers such as:

Al Vulo
Alice Project
Cheeky Pea
Cracked Mirror
Label Motion
Pink Fuel
Purple Poses
Valentina E.
/Wasabi Pills/
Happy Undead

…how could any self respecting spectre pass this up?

Item previews are already appearing on The Ego Co. blog, and the landmark will be released tomorrow when the event officially opens. Until then, practice your pinky-outs, tea sipping and grim stares. See you at the Costume Ball!


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