Review Policy

Dear Designer,

Thank you for your interest!

I am so honored when I am asked to blog items. I will happily try on any item I am sent, but it is left to my discretion whether or not I blog it. I do make an effort to blog all items that are sent to me, but it is not always possible for many reasons. I am sometimes sent things that, while beautiful, do not fit my av or my style. Sometimes I am simply backed up and cannot get to your item in a timely manner. Time sensitive items (i.e. limited availability or part of a limited time event), are treated and will be blogged as such, though not all event or limited offerings will be blogged.

With this understanding, I am absolutely thrilled to receive review copies of items! However, if you are a stickler about when/how things are blogged or are not agreeable to the above stated conditions, it would be best for you to send your items to a blogger who is better able to meet your needs.

Thank you for your time and talent. Without designers making beautiful creations in SL, I could not do what I do.

❤ Merbs

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