Walking in a Winter Wonderland

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Happy Thanksgiving & Some Newness

Darlings, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you’re not from the U.S., I hope you have a lovely day as well!  This is probably my honest-to-goodness favorite holiday. No presents, no hype, just family and food and lots of love and time for reflection on the year and all we have to be truly thankful for. I am humbled and amazed by all that I have to be thankful for. I couldn’t even list it all if I wanted to. I do want to say to you, though- thank you. Thank you for listening to my ramblings, looking at my stuff, and just spending some time to let me into your life a little. I have so much fun putting together looks and writing my silly little posts, and it makes me happy to know that there’s someone else out there who gets some enjoyment from it, too. So, thanks for letting me share my stuff with you. ❤


The Secret Store and Nyu have collaborated AGAIN and this time, they bring us this lovely Camille Dress! I really adore the lace collar on this. The shape of it is so cool. OK, and this hair. It’s called Joy, and it’s Wasabi Pills’ newest release. It is very aptly named, as it truly does bring joy to my pixel noggin. There is also a bang-less (fringe-less?) version of this hair, called Joy 2. 

I’m going to leave this post short because I have lots of turkey and cranberries to gobble! Have a lovely Thanksgiving, everyone!

Dress: The Secret Store & Nyu- Camille Dress NEW
Socks: The Secret Store- Lace Knit Socks
Shoes: Mon Tissu- Sloane Pumps
Hair: Wasabi Pills- Joy NEW
Skin: Mother Goose’s- Abbey
Freckles: R.icielli- Freckles
Eyes: Mayfly- Liquid Light Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones- Mesh Lashes
Eyeliner: cheLLe- French New Wave Eyeliner
Nails: Izzie’s- Classic Nails
Pose: Don’t Freak Out!

Cracked Mirror @ Dead Cool

Hey guys! If you’re like me, you love Halloween. If you’re not like me… well, it’s possible you still like Halloween. Either way, there’s an event going on until October 31 called Dead Cool. It has a ton of really neat Halloween stuff available from some fabulous designers. Check out the website for all the info!

I want to show you the shirts that Cracked Mirror made for the event (bonus points if you can guess which is my favorite)!

Ok, it was a trick question- I love them all. BUT the moth one especially struck my fancy because Silence of the Lambs is one of my favorite movies ever, so… if you guessed that one, then you get bonus points!

ALSO, the pigtails that I’m wearing are a new release from Wasabi Pills, now available only at faMESHed! I’ll be showing you more items from that event soon!

Shirts: Cracked Mirror- Halloween Tees
Skirt: Happy Undead- Mini Skirt (from Summer Harvest Hunt)
Pants: Cracked Mirror- Mambo Jeans
Ponytail: Wasabi Pills- Megan
Pigtails: Wasabi Pills- Izumi
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard- Ultimate Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones- Mesh Lashes
Eyeliner- CheLLe- French New Wave
Nails: Izzie’s- Classic Nails
Skin: Glam Affair- Lilith
Shape: Mine
Poses: Marukin

Blogging with Shay!

The darling Harvest Denzo recently issued a blogger challenge called Posting With Others. I LOVE the idea, and I have loved past posts with friends, but this one was a little different. The stipulation is that you have to post with someone you may not be as familiar with. The recluse in me cringed a little, but when Shayariel Teardrop sent out an open call on Plurk, I jumped at the chance!

We met up at Izzie’s to play in the autumn loveliness.

Shay bet me she could balance me on the handlebars of her bike, and even though I was in stiletto boots, I didn’t die!

After leaving tire tracks all over the sim (sorry, Izzie!), we started chatting.  Well, being Plurkers, chatting maaaay have turned to a little bit of gossiping…

Ohhhh the things I now know… tsk tsk tsk.

Thanks for a fun day out, Shay! It was great to hang out and meet someone new!! (Check out her version here)

On Maribel:
Sweater: [ SAKIDE ]- Irish Dropshoulder Pull
Scarf: {mon tissu}- Infinity Scarf
Jeans: Maitreya- Rolled Skinny Jeans
Boots: Maitreya- Radical Boots
Hair: !lamb- Ambrosia
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard- Ultimate Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones- Mesh Lashes
Eyeliner- CheLLe- French New Wave
Nails: Izzie’s- Classic Nails
Skin: Glam Affair- Lilith
Shape: Mine

On Shay:
Sweater: coldLogic- Perdue Shirt
Pants: coldLogic- Kime trousers and Perdue Shirt by coldLogic
Shoes: Shiny Things- Zimmy Flats
Skin: League- Isla
Hair: Wasabi Pills- Brrree
Eyes: IKON- Forest eyes

Gossip pose and Bike w/ poses by Diesel Works

Come Closer

First off, I realize that this look is almost identical to yesterday’s look. I’m ok with that. Something I do in SL too much is wear things for a blog post then get something else new and something else new and I forget to go back to the things in my wardrobe that I really love. I end up with an inventory full of beautiful things I’ve only worn once.

Secondly, this is less of a, “Hey look what I have,” post and more of a sharing post. I like this photo. I like this look. I am feeling a certain way today and I just want to share it with you. Below this photo, I am going to link a spoken word poem. This poem is quoted in my profile inworld. It makes me cry on occasion. It makes me smile. I want to share it and this photo with you. If this is not your thing, you don’t like poetry, you don’t like sharing, you’re not a feely, mooshy person.. then take comfort in knowing I am not switching to doing this all of the time. I’m just in a mood today. Indulge me.

All items in this post are credited elsewhere, except the pose. The pose is from flowey. Photo was taken at The Pixel Bean. Also, I know that horizontal photos don’t show up as nicely in this blog format, so if you click the image you can see it larger on Flickr.

Have a great day!

:pesca: @ Zombie Popcorn

Zombie Popcorn has started a new round , and with all this Vintage Fair madness, I’m JUST getting to finally blog it!

This loose tank from :pesca: is a fun summery piece. I really like that the right shoulder strap drops off the shoulder slightly. The fit of the shirt is slightly loose (as the name would suggest) and it has a casual, care-free feel. Also, the varied color combos are all bright and really fun! This round of Zombie Popcorn is open until August 18, so make sure you pop by and check it out!

In Vintage Fair news, this hair from Wasabi Pills is my favorite of their VF offerings. It’s called Veronica, and it’s just right. The soft curls are so sweet and the way the hair falls around my av’s face is just perfect. It’s vintage inspired but not so much so that you can’t wear it with a non-vintage outfit as well.

Top: :pesca:- loose tank ZOMBIE POPCORN
Shorts: Tee*fy- Abbey Highwaisted Shorts- faMESHed
Eyeliner- cheLLe- French New Wave
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard- Ultimate Eye Set/Hazels
Hair: Wasabi Pills- Veronica VINTAGE FAIR
Nails: Izzie’s- 80’s Round Nails VINTAGE FAIR
Skin: Glam Affair- Giselle
Shape: Mine
Pose: oOo Studio VINTAGE FAIR

Cracked Mirror @ faMESHed

I have a really fun look for you today! I know it’s been all Vintage Fair hype lately, but faMESHed has just started a new round and you really don’t want to miss it!


This outfit is from Cracked Mirror at faMESHed. These pants and tops come in a TON of fun, bright colors. The tops even come in color with black and color with white versions. So, go check it out already!

Top- Cracked Mirror- Rita Top faMESHed
Pants: Cracked Mirror- Mambo Jeans faMESHed
Feet: Slink- Womens Natural Barefeet (mesh rigged)
Lashes: Beetlebones- Mesh Lashes
Eyeliner- cheLLe- French New Wave
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard- Ultimate Eye Set/Hazels
Hair: Wasabi Pills- Ichigo
Nails: Izzie’s- 80’s Round Nails VINTAGE FAIR
Skin: Glam Affair- Giselle
Shape: Mine
Pose: Di’s Opera VINTAGE FAIR

Vintage Fair & faMESHed

Vintage Fair opens at 4pm SLT. Are you ready?

faMESHed also started a new round.

This weekend is, like, shopping heaven.

This hair from Wasabi Pills is a little vintage-y, but you’ll find it at faMESHed. These shorts are from Tee*fy and also at faMESHed. I was SO excited to have a pair of mesh high-waisted denim shorts. Sort of a wardrobe staple, if you ask me.

This super awesome tank is by Lush*Limited at Vintage Fair, and it’s actually part of an outfit. The Full Westwood Punk Look comes with fishnets and this mesh tank, a mesh tartan skirt, spikes and jewelry and all sorts of really great punk gear. It’s a fantastic outfit. I just love the Ramones, so you’ll find me wearing this tank by itself often. These Leverocci Boots are really well done and only $150L per color. I suggest getting at least 3 pairs.

Have a great time shopping this weekend! Fight the lag monsters valiantly!

Top- Lush*Limited- Ramones Tank (from Full Westwood Punk Look) VINTAGE FAIR
Shorts- Tee*fy- Abbey HighWaisted Shorts faMESHed
Boots- Leverocci- Range Boots
Lashes: Beetlebones- Mesh Lashes
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard- Ultimate Eye Set/Hazels
Hair: Wasabi Pills- Sylvie faMESHed
Eyeliner- cheLLe- French New Wave
Nails: Izzie’s- 80’s Round Nails VINTAGE FAIR
Skin: Glam Affair- Giselle
Shape: Mine
Pose: PDA

Vintage Fair Previews #3

It’s a little sad to me that the 80’s is being considered vintage, since that’s the decade during which I was born. If things from the 80’s are vintage, does that mean that I am vintage? What a horrifying thought. My only comfort is that there is so much adorable 80’s gear at Vintage Fair. (Open to the public August 4-29)

Izzie Button (creator of Izzie’s) really pulled out all the stops for Vintage Fair. She released a skin, adorable clothes, sculpted nails, AND some rad accessories. Yes, I said rad.

The top I’m wearing is part of an outfit from Lush. It’s mesh and belongs to the Benatar set. There are a few different outfits available, all showcasing an iconic look. You can wear the pieces as a set or mix and match to make your own look!

I need to also mention something to you. There is a Vintage Fair Flickr Competition being held, and it is amazing. Follow the link for more details, but I’ll summarize it for you here. Basically, you go to Vintage Fair and but all of your pretty things. THEN, take a photo and drop it in the Vintage Fair Flickr Group. There ARE rules and specific things you MUST do. HERE is the link one more time, so you can go read all about it. The best part? There is about a zillion $L in prizes. Please check it out. It’s certainly worth your time.

Top: Lush*Limited- Benatar Stripes VINTAGE FAIR
Leggings: Izzie’s- Metallic Leggings VINTAGE FAIR
Shoes: MIEL- Varsity Kicks
Headband: Izzie’s- 80’s Headband VINTAGE FAIR
Bangles: Izzie’s- 80’s Rainbow Bangles VINTAGE FAIR
Lashes: Beetlebones- Mesh Lashes
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard- Ultimate Eye Set/Hazels
Hair: Wasabi Pills- Megan
Nails: Izzie’s- 80’s Round Nails VINTAGE FAIR
Skin: Izzie’s- Eliza 80’s Skin VINTAGE FAIR
Shape: Mine
Pose: Bent- Fifties Fun VINTAGE FAIR

Hair Fair Preeevs & FLF!

Guys. Guys. Hey guys… guys. Are you listening? Lean in reeeeeally close, this is important…


Oh, and today is Fifty Linden Friday. Can there be anything better? No, I didn’t think so. Don’t argue with me.

Alright, so this is a great low lag outfit to wear to hair fair tomorrow, ok? Fri.day and Surf Couture both released system clothing for FLF. I know, I know, it’s not mesh… BUT they’re still REALLLY cute.

SO, ready to talk about Hair Fair stuff? I grabbed about 150 demos today and I’m waiting for a feeeeew more designers to set up their booths *ahem* so I can give them the rest of my money. Wanna see some of the pretty hairs I ended up with today??

From Clawtooth- Serendipity:

From Exile- Crush (can be worn with or without hairband):

From Wasabi Pills- Ichigo (hair band is dual color and color change):

From Alice Project- Kumi

I realize I’m writing like a hyper child on caffeine and chocolate right now, but it’s just because I’m really very very excited, and I really really hope you are, too. SO, go buy pretty things at FLF (previews of all available items here) and then slap on your least laggy outfit and head to Hair Fair tomorrow! A crafty blogger even posted a list of every SLURL for every booth at Hair Fair. I can’t promise you won’t get redirected to the main gates when you tp in, but at least you can plug the SLURL in the map and get a beacon and follow it to your favorite store’s booth.

Shirt: fri.day- Ballet.Tee (Fifty Linden Friday)
Shorts: Surf Couture- Beachgeass Cutoffs (Fifty Linden Friday)
Makeup: cheLLe- (eyeliner) French New Wave
Nails: Sexy Mamas- Sculpted Prim Nails
Lashes: Beetlebones- Mesh Lashes
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard- Ultimate Eye Set/Hazels
Hairs: credited above each photo
Feet: Slink- Womens Natural Barefeet (mesh rigged)
Skin: Glam Affair- Giselle
Shape: Mine
Poses: marukin (July Collabor88)