Baby It’s Cold Outside

GUYS! I am sorry for neglecting you so. My RL has been just NUTS lately. I think it’s finally getting back to normal again, so… let’s see if I can get back to blogging, eh?

Today’s look is a simple, fun one. I ran through Collabor88 and faMESHed and popped around to a few stores I love and threw this one together. This is an outfit I’m going to save and wear every time I feel like casual and fun are in order.   I am severely underdressed for the chilly weather at Izzie’s sim, and my nose and cheeks seem to have turned rosy! This adorable Glam Affair skin is available at Collabor88.

The pose is also at Collabor88, part of the pack by Marukin.

My sweater is by e! and can be found at faMESHed.

The jeans, hair and shoes are not new releases, but wonderful and adorable all the same.

Oh, and can we take a second to notice that I’m seriously addicted to the dips at Magika? I may need to find a 12 step program.

One last thing- check out these IKON Eternal Eyes. They’re so lovely and clear… I keep camming myself and getting a little hypnotized. 

Ready? Set. SHOP!

Top: e! Eclectic Apparel- Brooklyn Sweater faMESHed
Jeans: Maitreya- Zipper Skinny Jeans
Shoes: Tee*fy- Callia’s Soft Leather SImple Flats
Hair: Magika- Little
Skin: Glam Affair- Roza- Brr & Etci 04 Collabor88
Freckles: R.icielli- Freckles
Eyes: IKON- Eternal Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones- Mesh Lashes
Eyeliner: cheLLe- French New Wave Eyeliner
Nails: Izzie’s- Classic Nails
Pose: Marukin Collabor88
Location: Izzie’s


Blogging with Shay!

The darling Harvest Denzo recently issued a blogger challenge called Posting With Others. I LOVE the idea, and I have loved past posts with friends, but this one was a little different. The stipulation is that you have to post with someone you may not be as familiar with. The recluse in me cringed a little, but when Shayariel Teardrop sent out an open call on Plurk, I jumped at the chance!

We met up at Izzie’s to play in the autumn loveliness.

Shay bet me she could balance me on the handlebars of her bike, and even though I was in stiletto boots, I didn’t die!

After leaving tire tracks all over the sim (sorry, Izzie!), we started chatting.  Well, being Plurkers, chatting maaaay have turned to a little bit of gossiping…

Ohhhh the things I now know… tsk tsk tsk.

Thanks for a fun day out, Shay! It was great to hang out and meet someone new!! (Check out her version here)

On Maribel:
Sweater: [ SAKIDE ]- Irish Dropshoulder Pull
Scarf: {mon tissu}- Infinity Scarf
Jeans: Maitreya- Rolled Skinny Jeans
Boots: Maitreya- Radical Boots
Hair: !lamb- Ambrosia
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard- Ultimate Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones- Mesh Lashes
Eyeliner- CheLLe- French New Wave
Nails: Izzie’s- Classic Nails
Skin: Glam Affair- Lilith
Shape: Mine

On Shay:
Sweater: coldLogic- Perdue Shirt
Pants: coldLogic- Kime trousers and Perdue Shirt by coldLogic
Shoes: Shiny Things- Zimmy Flats
Skin: League- Isla
Hair: Wasabi Pills- Brrree
Eyes: IKON- Forest eyes

Gossip pose and Bike w/ poses by Diesel Works


Hey guys! I have been so busy in RL the last week, and I’m super behind on blogging. Fear not, though! This week is “get caught back up” week!

Ok, so let me show you this new release from! The Kristen.Jacket is closely tailored and has really cute button loop closures. Underneath the jacket, I’m wearing the new Cliquester.Tank, which got me to thinking since the tank colors are all named after cliques. What clique were you in when you were in school?

I also need to tell you about two more things. One, is this realllly neat ring. It’s by *sMoov*, and it is super cool. When you click it, it plays music! There are different versions of the ring in the store on the Marketplace.

Also, these shoes- they’re the RARE color in the Ingenue gatcha at The Arcade. Ready to hate me? I got them on the first try! I was super excited.

Jacket: Kristen.Jacket NEW
Tank: Cliquester.Tank NEW
Jeans: Maitreya- Rolled Skinny Jeans
Ring: *sMoov*- Classiqa Piano Ring (here on Marketplace)
Hair: [elikatira]- Tendency
Shoes: Ingenue- Ariane The Arcade
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard- Ultimate Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones- Mesh Lashes
Eyeliner- CheLLe- French New Wave
Nails: Izzie’s- Classic Nails
Skin: Glam Affair- Lilith
Shape: Mine
Pose: Bounce This Poses

Getting Cozy With coldLogic

Fall is my favorite. You just don’t get much better than sweaters and jeans and boots and leaves and apple cider… mmmmm….

coldLogic has released some GORGEOUS sweaters. There are a few new styles to choose from, but I am going to show you my very favorite.

I paired this lovely sweater with these Maitreya boots that I got at a special reduced price for being a group member. Since I couldn’t find mesh jeans that fit inside these boots, I went with an old favorite- these Maitreya skinny jeans. I am also going to mention this hair because… holy crap. I am sure you have seen every female av on the grid wearing this new Magika hair because it is just amazing. It comes in naturals or fun colors or fades, and it is just… pretty and fluffy and perfect. Magika hairs, how I love you so.

Run to coldLogic. Run to Magika. Run to Maitreya. Get your fall on.

Here’s another shot I took just for fun cuz I love this pose from Everglow:

Sweater: coldLogic- matta NEW
Pants: Maitreya- Rolled Skinny Jeans
Boots: Maitreya- Mesh Radical Boots
Hair: Magika- Tendency NEW
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard- Ultimate Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones- Mesh Lashes
Nails: Izzie’s- Classic Nails
Skin: Glam Affair- Lilith
Shape: Mine
Poses: Everglow


You know that one song? The one that makes you wanna just crawl inside the speakers and become part of it somehow? I have a lot of those songs in my life. I find new ones all of the time, when I go to my favorite clubs in SL and have the privilege of benefiting from the fabulous musical taste of awesome DJs.

It’s almost the weekend, and I hope you get a chance to find some great clubs and great music before it’s back to the grind on Monday.

Hoodie: NANUK- erland sweatshirt
Tshirt: tres blah- Ripped Up Tee
Pants: Maitreya- Rolled Skinny Jeans
Shoes: *FIR & MNA*- The Twine Shoes (50L from gatcha in store!)
Glasses: bitch.- MESH BC Frames
Tattoo: Love Zombie- Heart
Lipgloss: (Ag)- bitten lipstain
Eyes: IKON- ‘Sunrise’ Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones- Mesh Lashes
Moles: cheLLe- (moles) Beauty Marks
Hair: !lamb- Oh Baby Doll
Shape: Mine
Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah
Poses: Frozen Panty Poses
Photo location: The Velvet (my very favorite club in SL, est. 2006)

Sleeping In

Again last night I had that strange dream where everything was exactly how it seemed… Don’t wake me, I plan on sleeping in.

Stop everything, and scratch the sleeping in. Go to Burley right NOW and check out this adorable new hair. Then, feel free to crawl back into bed and listen to The Postal Service with me.

Top: Tres Blah- Neato Sweatshirt
Jeans: Maitreya- Rolled Skinny Jeans
Feet: Slink- Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
Tattoo: Love Zombie- Heart
Lipgloss: (Ag)- bitten lipstain
Eyes: IKON- ‘Sunrise’ Eyes
Lashes: Beetlebones- Mesh Lashes
Moles: cheLLe- (moles) Beauty Marks
Hair: Burley- Zia II
Shape: Mine
Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah
Bed: LISP Bazaar- Nargokot Bed Sunrset

Camping (With Pose Fair Previews!)

Ever since I first stumbled upon The Pixel Bean about 2 years ago, it has been one of my very FAVORITE places in SL. The build and location have changed over the years, but the wonderful people and general cuteness have stayed the same. So, I couldn’t think of a better place to have a camp out with some friends and try these fun new poses from Love Me Brutal! These poses are all Pose Fair Exclusives and will be available only at Pose Fair 2012 from April 15-30. There will, however, be demos available at Love Me Brutal’s mainstore in case you have issues with lag at the event.

Ready for the photos? We had so much fun 🙂

Thank to Runestar Twine for the piggy back ride!

If I had a little brother in SL, it would be Fajita Rumble. And trust me, he deserved that headlock.

We even snagged up Talacious Tigerpaw to join the fun!

The lovely and talented Little Miss Fashion Cupcake herself, Maci Restless, stopped by!

We started joking about how much taller than me she is, and she showed us that with great height comes great strength!

We played some cops and robbers… Fajita lost. Don’t worry, though. He’s ok.

Have I mentioned that I love my friends?

On me:
Top: [A] Limited- Kawaii Tee
Jeans- Maitreya- Rolled Skinny Jeans
Feet: Slink Womens Barefeet (Rigged Mesh)
Eyes: IKON- ‘Sunrise’ Eyes
Lashes: Pink Acid- Exotic Top Alpha Eyelashes
Hair: [elikatira] Over
Shape: Mine
Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah

On everyone else:
You’ll have to ask them 🙂

Poses: Love Me Brutal *Pose Fair Exclusives* TP to LMB’s booth at Pose Fair (Active starting April 15)
Photo Location: The Pixel Bean

Serendipity (ft. Pose Fair Previews!!)

The craziest thing happened to me while I was blogging this morning! OK, let me tell you… First off, I got this reallllly cute top from The Secret Store and some really great Pose Fair Exclusive Poses from Bounce This Poses (Available April 15-30th at Pose Fair). So, I was all set up, posing with the water in the background, lighting and shadows enabled, yadda yadda yadda… when I heard a noise…

I turned around, and I was all, “Whaaaa!?!?”

I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to walk over to her… but she was soooo pretty and HUGE and… and she was painted, which to me meant she wasn’t wild.

I was a little nervous, but she just sort of looked at me and kept eating grass.

I inched a little closer, and she… this sounds crazy, but she sort of… I don’t know, like…. gave me permission to come close to her. She wasn’t afraid, and you know what? Neither was I.

She was so beautiful and calm. And how cool is it that we sort of matched!? I think, of the two of us, she is waaaay more fashionable.

After I got my work stuff out of the way, I stayed and hung out with her for a while. It’s not every day you make such a cool new friend!

Top: The Secret Store- Empire Bouse (Mesh)
Jeans- Maitreya- Rolled Skinny Jeans
Neckalce- [chuculet]- ina pearl necklace
Shoes: [celoe]- zoe.pumps
Eyes: IKON- ‘Sunrise’ Eyes
Lashes: Pink Acid- Exotic Top Alpha Eyelashes
Hair: [elikatira] Other
Shape: Mine
Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah
Pose: Bounce This Poses *Pose Fair Exclusives* Dani Pose Pack
Photo Location: Downtown

In the shadow of your heart

A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes
I screamed aloud, as it tore through them, and now it’s left me blind

The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out
You left me in the dark
No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight
In the shadow of your heart

Top: Maitreya- Boyfriend Shirt
Skirt: The Secret Store- Pencil Skirt
Necklace: [glow]- Italian Briolette Necklace (The Dressing Room)
Lipgloss: (Ag)- bitten lipstain
Eyes: IKON- ‘Sunrise’ Eyes
Lashes: Pink Acid- Exotic Top Alpha Eyelashes
Hair: [elikatira]- Hye
Shape: Mine
Skin: -Glam Affair- Etherial Sadness (The Dressing Room)
Photo location: Cupcake Sim


Last night, [A] Limited opened up to group members with limited quantity releases of some VERY special things. This awesome line of edibles is a collaboration between Ivy Graves (Atomic) and Tyr Rozenblum (Aura & Illusory), so you KNOW it’s good stuff. Check out Tyr Rozenblum’s Flickr or Ivy Graves’ Flickr for vendor photos of some of the releases. I am sure you will be seeing a lot of the items popping up in blogs all over SL- there were TONS of bloggers at the opening last night!

This month’s theme is Happy Harajuku. They opened up the store to VIP members only last night so that we could get a jump on the limited items. If you are not already a group member, make sure you join the “ATOMIC- V.I.P Updates” group inworld so that you can have early access and receive special group gifts next time around! Here are the things I picked up (please forgive the super un-fancy photos… I wanted to show these to you a.s.a.p. since they’re only available in limited #s):

First of all, these adorable [A] Limited Kawaii T-shirts. There are 3 different 3-packs. I HAD to have this pack as soon as I saw it!!

I don’t own many t-shirts in SL, but these were just too cute to pass up! (Also, I just noticed that my hands look GIANT… must check my #s… maybe i have man hands?)

Next, The long-awaited [A] Limited Teddy Bear Hoodie. Those of you who have Tyr Rozenblum on your Plurk timeline know that we have all been DROOLING over these adorable mesh hoodies since she showed us the first photos. They are FINALLY out! There are a ton of great colors for sale and this green one was a group gift!! They only put it out for a limited time- all the more reason to be a group member and get early VIP access!

I picked up the peach one, too. One cannot have too many adorable, cozy hoodies with teddy bear ears… can they? I think not.

Other items include Harajuku skins, Kawaii cloud earrings, Kawaii totes, and cupcake beanies. Yes, you heard right. Cupcake. Hats. Everything is super cute and you need to go now.

Tshirts: [A] Limited- Kawaii Tees
Hoodie: [A] Limited- Teddy Bear Hoodie
Jeans: Maitreya- Rolled Skinny Jeans
Feet: Slink- Womens Natural Barefeet (rigged mesh)
Lipgloss: (Ag)- bitten lipstain
Eyes: IKON- ‘Sunrise’ Eyes
Lashes: Pink Acid- Exotic Top Alpha Eyelashes
Hair: [elikatira]- Away
Shape: Mine
Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah
Poses: (pda) & .::Y&R::.